A few pics of Huskies in Churchill Manitoba

A few pics of husky dogs I saw while cruising around the few roads that exist in Churchill Manitoba. Huskies are generally used for pulling sleds up north across the snow and tundra and are known for their fast sled pulling style. I’m no dog expert, but it looks to me like a couple of them might actually be Alaskan Malamutes, another type of Husky dog, which are larger more powerful sled dogs used primarily for pulling heavier loads.

It was fairly windy and cold that day, but they obviously don’t mind the cold as they made no effort to avoid the wind. I on the other stopped the jeep, hopped out to take a few quick pics, then hopped back in to the warmth of the jeep to continue my search for polar bears.

another pic of a husky dog I saw at churchill husky sled dog in canada another husky perhaps an Alaskan malamute in churchill canada a picture of a husky in churchill manitoba
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