Moon jellyfish Open water dive – Dahab, Egypt

A Moon jellyfish floating in the darkness of the deep blue of the Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt. As much as I would like to claim I took this picture, this was taken by my dive buddy during the few days I was in Dahab for some open water diving.

My dive buddy had a top notch Canon underwater camera setup, thus the quality picture, and was also a Padi certified scuba diving instructor. Since he was a certified instructor, we were given plenty of freedom by the Egyptian dive guides to stop and go as we pleased. This of course meant we would often be playing catch up to the rest of the scuba group, but it also meant we got more time to observe the fascinating marine species we came across in the Red Sea. The various types of clown fish and nudibranchs were among my favorites to stop and observe. Good times.

Moon jellyfish Open water dive - Dahab, Egypt image

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